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Feb. 9th, 2013 10:34 pm

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We had a cooking club tonight and it was my turn to plan. Everything went wrong: the quiche took a freakin hour and a half to cook, the cake took almost as long at a different temperature, I all of the sudden couldn't face the 'massaged kale salad I had planned out beforehand...,

In the end, though, everything was fine. We ate at 10pm, no one got angry, no scenes, tears or pulling of hair. Brian and I didn't fall into our usual nervous bickering. We were all pretty mellow and it stayed that way all night. My heart wasn't totally in it at the beginning, but it definitely was by the end.

We made: mushroom quiche, a kale stir fry and Romanian apple walnut cake.

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May. 30th, 2012 05:35 pm

I spent the last two hours of work today driving a zipcar around to our affiliate buildings and picking up equipment. Not too strenuous and it was fun to drive an Audi for the first time. Everywhere we went, we were helping people out, too, so they were ridiculously happy to see us. I do like that aspect of my job. We have to do some bizarre things as I.T. people, sometimes, but I like the Knight in Shining Armor aspect of it. Suits my ginormous ego, I guess.

In other news, do you use MOG? If so, look for DangerMouse's playlist, Plants and Animals. (You can use MOG for free for awhile until you're good and addicted and are willing to spend the $10 a month :)).

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May. 30th, 2012 01:14 pm

I had my first deep tissue massage recently. It was educational, super painful and it completely cured the back pain I've been living with for the last month. Just sayin. If you've got back pain go to Massage Envy (next to the Trader Joes by the BU bridge) and ask for Mari. Tell her you like it rough. :) Ok, "deep", whatever.

Of course, if you don't live near Boston, it could get complicated...

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May. 30th, 2012 01:07 pm

I did a google search of my Lj name and my real last name the other day. Sure enough, they are linked. Goddamn you, PiPL site. Do I need to change my Lj name? I'm debating that, which means delving into my LJ past again-an operation always fraught with danger...the nostalgia, the optimism... all the love...can be overwhelming. Not necessarily in a bad way, unless it's, IDK, important to keep acting as an upright, productive member of society or something. I was up til 2am last night, reading. Now, I'm feeling it and barely alive. Listening to some crazy good and sad music (MGMT) and wishing I could take a nap on this grass in a park in the middle of Boston. Oh man, so good. Unless it is only a few stolen moments of intense beauty in an otherwise aggravating and cluttered day, which it is.

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May. 10th, 2012 08:46 am

For some reason, Bri and I have both been waking up at 5:30am for the last few days. He goes to sleep early, but I'm usually reading til midnight. Oddly, though, I haven't been tired at all. I keep checking for dark circles under my eyes, but, nope I'm fine. I wish i could credit the juice fast, but I've been off that since I went to Virginia in April.

What I really love is having 2 and a half awesome hours to myself before I even have to get ready to leave for work. It feels like I'm on vacation and I want it to keep going. I hope the sleep debt doesn't clobber me.

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Juice fast

Mar. 14th, 2012 08:54 pm

Did you folks see the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? If you did, you'll appreciate the fact that I'm juicing and will understand when I say I hope to be able to stay on it as long as Joe did. I've been on it for a week so far. I'm still figuring things out, and occasionally I find myself too hungry so I eat some, nuts or bananas or some clear broth vegetable soup, But I'm learning.

Hear are some notes from the last week, from emails to my friend Stass (I'll get the pictures in here later.)

March 8 -
"I'm doing it! First day done- nothing but juice all day! i told everyone and their mother about it at work. i have to set the stage for saying no to food gifts and invitations out to eat, etc. Not hungry at all. Had some stomach cramping and some allergy symptoms, though ( rash on my face). Luckily, I'm done with the honeydew and cantaloupe...I think that might have been the problem. Or maybe some pesticide. Probably should only buy organic. Oof, so expensive, though.

March 9 -
I feel great. I kept to my juicing tonight even though alex and brian were eating chinese food right next to me. And chocolate chip cookies! :)

Cooking club is tomorrow and i think i'll make an exception for that or everybody's feelings will get hurt. They are going to serve us "savory cakes". For dinner! Wonder what the effect of going from juicing right into eating THAT will be. This might be the last time i make this kind of exception. Maybe I'll arrived armed with juice and just do a tasting of the cakes.

Today i didn't have time to make enough juice so i supplemented it with two Naked juices from the convenience store. Also, two bananas. I'm trying to keep the calories over 1,000 and as close to 1200 as possible. It's hard because i'm never hungry. I love this about eating raw food, it shuts off most of my cravings and constant low level backgound false hunger. I really wasn't even that tempted by the chinese food.

My stomach cramps are mostly gone, even though i ate more spinach today. Don't know what that weirdness was yesterday. My rash is gone, too.

Weirdly, i seemed to lose 10 pounds in the first day, but I was wearing clothing both times and that is hard to get right. Still, lost at least 5. Went from 201 to 191, according to the wii.

They say the 2nd day is the worst, but today was easy for me. Maybe it will hit tomorrow. I had to go buy more vegetables today!"

March 10-
This one is a bit too lemony, but it's bearable. Next time i want to experiment with some garlic and cayenne- it almost tastes like gazpacho, but not quite there yet.

March 11-

This one is great:
6 carrots
4 apples
Small piece of ginger

(peel everything if it's not organic)

I went to cooking club last night and ate 9 savory mini muffins and a bowl of vegan roasted vegetable soup. It was all pretty delicious. Bri wrote up our blog post, but we need to get the pictures in there before it is posted. Then i'll send you a link. They apparently tease me a lot about the juice diet...haven't seen it yet. [link: ]

March 12-
Like my new glasses? I bought a bunch of these guys with tops to make the juice easy to transport. This one is a bok choy, celery, orange, apple, lime juice. Quite good and not sweet at all, which after 5 days is a good thing. I'm still going strong, although I do snack on bananas and nuts if I get too hungry. I heard that sort of thing is necessary for the first few weeks until I get more aware of exactly how much juice I need to drink to avoid hunger. Yesterday was bad. I was too lazy to get stuff ready in the morning so I bought 3 Naked drinks, instead. Those are not the same at all. I was a little faint-y yesterday at work which was not fun and then I had a regular fruit smoothie for dinner. That wasn't a good idea...I woke up this morning nauseous and tired after a night of bad sleep. One green drink this morning solved all my problems ( this is my 2nd one of the day here). I feel good again and I'm going to head into work after I finish 3 or 4 of these things

March 13-
I cracked tonight and had some lettuce sandwiches:hummous, red pepper, mushroom, red onion. It was delicious. I also had some lightly salted nuts...either the protein or the salt seemed to help. I was a little nauseous at trader joes tonight, but now i'm ok. Just tired. No fruit drink tonight. I think i'll be asleep before 9.

March 14-
Today, i made a butternut squash juice. You have to admit, that's pretty hardcore. :) Who knew you could get juice from a raw butternut squash? I mixed it with two apples and some cinamon, and it was really good. Then, for lunch, I had another simple juice: 8 carrots and some ginger.
I felt absolutely great til 5, when I got that faint-y feeling. Looking back, I realize now, I didn't have enough calories. I really need 4 16oz drinks before dinner time. I panicked again and ate about a half cup of (lightly salted) nuts and a cup of mediterranean chickpea salad (that I picked up from TJs for just these sorts of emergencies) and went to sleep for an hour and a half. I woke up feeling still kind of weak. Bri announced he was going out jogging, and he picked me up some kale and sweet potato soup from Whole Foods. Now, I'm feeling pretty good.

I am trying to do research on this weakness reaction to juice fasting. It seems like half the people say it is a normal thing and disappears in the first two weeks of a juice fast and the other half think it's a sign that I'm not getting enough nutrition and should seek medical care. I think I'm going to continue fasting but I'll eat fruits, nuts and vegetables occasionally when I feel I need it. A lot of people juice fast for breakfast and lunch and then eat a big salad or something similar for dinner. That seems to be what I am morphing into. The problem is, that gives rise to cravings and those are hard to fight day after day. I'm hoping after two weeks or so, I'll be able to just juice.

Anyway, I bought some cute mason jars with lids and now it's easy to measure my juices out. I know I need to pack 4 of them for work tomorrow. One nice thing is that since lunch is so easy now, I have lots of time to go for a walk. I'm looking forward to that tomorrow.

From an interview with one of the founders of Weatherunderground:

Christine Shearer: Having really looked closely at the weather for a while now, is there something that stands out to you most?

Jeff Masters: The atmosphere I grew up with no longer exists. My new motto with regards to the weather is, “expect the unprecedented.”

Christine Shearer: Anything you would like to say?

Jeff Masters: Stronger hurricanes, bigger floods, more intense heat waves, and sea level rise have been getting many of the headlines with regards to potential climate change impacts, but drought should be our main concern. Drought is capable of crashing a civilization. To illustrate, drought has been implicated in the demise of the Mayan civilization in Mexico, the Anasazis of the Southwest U.S., and the Akkadians of Syria in 2200 B.C. The Russian heat wave and drought of 2010 led to a spike in global food prices that helped cause unrest in Africa and the Middle East that led to the overthrow of several governments. It’s likely that global-warming intensified droughts will cause far more serious impacts in the coming decades, and drought is capable of crashing our global civilization in a worst-case scenario, particularly if we do nothing to slow down emissions of carbon dioxide.

Extreme weather years like 2010 and 2011 are very likely to increase in frequency, since there is a delay of several decades between when we put heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere and when the climate fully responds. This is because Earth’s oceans take so long to heat up when extra heat is added to the atmosphere (think about how long it takes it takes for a lake to heat up during summer.) Due to this lag, we are just now experiencing the full effect of CO2 emitted by the late 1980s; since CO2 has been increasing by 1 – 3% per year since then, there is a lot more climate change “in the pipeline” we cannot avoid.

We’ve set in motion a dangerous boulder of climate change that is rolling downhill, and it is too late to avoid major damage when it hits full-force several decades from now. However, we can reduce the ultimate severity of the damage with strong and rapid action. A boulder rolling downhill can be deflected in its path more readily early in its course, before it gains too much momentum in its downward rush. For example, the International Energy Agency estimates that every dollar we invest in alternative energy before 2020 will save $4.30 later. There are many talented and dedicated people working very hard to deflect the downhill-rolling boulder of climate change–but they need a lot more help very soon.

Christine Shearer is a postdoctoral scholar in science, technology, and society studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a researcher for CoalSwarm, part of SourceWatch. She is Managing Editor of Conducive, and author of Kivalina: A Climate Change Story (Haymarket Books, 2011).

This piece was originally published at Conducive Chronicle.

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Jan. 29th, 2012 12:54 am

This month, I really feel like I figured out the perfect diet for me. It's kind of a 'I think of it as mostly raw food, but I actually eat cooked vegetables and beans pretty often, too' diet. But the important part, for me, is to keep re-attempting to focus on raw food. That way, the roasted vegetables and hot soups seem soooo luxurious in comparison. :) It really works for me. I lost 9 pounds in 10 days and I wasn't ever hungry. I'm telling you, peeps, it is so incredibly rare for me to not feel hungry. Sure, I know I'm not always actually hungry, but what I mean is, I always feel like I am. I'm usually always quietly planning my next meal.

To lose that nonstop internal monologue is so refreshing, and it has nothing to do with willpower. I figured out that that internal monologue is my body's way of communicating with me, but it can't use words, so all it says is I want. I want. I want. Only, what it would be saying if if it could speak my language would be, "No, not THAT stuff. I want carrots and kale, not any more goddamn bread and butter! Spinach! Beets, oh, God, please I need some beets..." When I finally give it that stuff, it shuts up and I float through life delighting in things like a fresh apple. It's amazing.

It's also a hard thing to keep going. This past week, I watched myself fall into some stress eating. See, on Wednesday, I got called into the personnel director's office and was told that our College was firing a friend of mine. (They told me because I was in charge of cutting off his IT resources when they did the deed). So, for two days ahead of time, I knew my friend was going to get fired and I couldn't warn him. Whilst angsting over my role in the execution, I watched my diet fall apart. Too depressed to go grocery shopping after work, I hid in novels, then started eating out again to avoid the work lunchroom, then it was beer and pizza time at home with Brian after it was all over. Then, tonight, another cooking club night with my ravenous inner demon making an appearance. :)

I'm not beating myself up about it. I've seen the light and I know what works for me and it's what I like to do anyway, so it all starts again tomorrow. It's taken me a long time to get to this understanding, I'm writing it here in hopes I won't forget it later.

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Hey, if you guys want to see a great documentary about clean energy that will make you feel more optimistic about our future on this planet, I highly recommend Carbon Nation. It'll really give you some hope... and maybe some ideas of what industries to invest in, too.

Netflix has it.

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Jul. 10th, 2011 11:32 pm

I've decided to start documenting the ideas that keep me up at night. I think we all should be brainstorming as much as possible on how to get the planet's carbon load back down to 350 (parts per million). We can't just leave it up to the scientists. They're trying hard, some of them, but they have a hard time thinking outside the box, and that is where we come in. If we can come up with a really good idea, we can shout it from the rooftops later and try to make it happen, but until then, we can just make ourselves feel productive and less helpless by brainstorming. Besides, it's fun.

This is not really a great idea. I keep trying to make it work, but it's not going to get there. But it was fun trying. Tonight's idea is about how to keep the Amazon rainforest wet. I don't know if you've heard, but it's drying. Read some books about it if you don't believe me. Anyway, the problem with that is in the not too distant future, it will be ripe for fire and the world needs that oxygen that those trees produce. I mean, NEEDS it. We can't afford an Arizona fire in Brazil. So I'm picturing a lattice of plastic irrigation pipes (on the ground or above the trees, do you think? The latter, I bet. The wildlife is used to wet conditions, too, and the forest needs its humidity.) made out of recycled plastic ONLY and put in place by all those people who are currently busy clear cutting the forest to plant soy beans for biofuels or to raise cattle. We have to make it worth their while.

How to make it worth their while? (And avoid having militaries come in and take over, and make everything worse?) Sell oxygen rights to other countries? Give the Brazilians a plot of land to steward and put them on a yearly salary based on how many of their trees are alive? Actually, this is a good idea for all over the planet. We need tree stewards. We need to make trees more valuable alive than dead. Fire people if their trees die. We would all become a lot more educated about how to keep them alive, wouldn't we. Yes, this means every tree would need to be tagged, possibly. It's worth it. Or maybe environmentalists have a density system. How to keep corruption from happening? Who knows? Lots of education? Strict anti cronyism? Random plot assignments? These people need to know they have one of the most important jobs on earth. Not only do we need that oxygen, but those trees are a wonderful carbon sink for us. Especially in the Brazilian Rainforest, the wet conditions keep the vegetation from decomposing quickly so it traps carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere where it would act to keep heat locked in, raising the temperature, causing more climate change which will eventually kill us all.

Ok, the obvious problem is where the fuck are we going to get the water necessary to water all the trees in the rainforest? We have to figure out how to desalinate water more cheaply. The Amazon can't be relied on for water. How to desalinate water cheaply is like one of the biggest questions right now. If there is one thing we're going to have a lot of (for at least a couple hundred years or so), it is salty water.

I bought one of those mini trampoline thingies recently- you know, the kind that go in your living room. Fortunately, a few months ago, I also put a window film on the lower half of our windows in there, otherwise I would look pret-ty strange these days to the neighbors walking by. Since I listen to music on headphones, I'm sure they wouldn't be able to understand my wild gyrations without the context of music. In others words, OMG it's so fun.

I've got to fly to VA soon for my dad's 75th birthday party. Anybody have a good idea for a gift? If I was rich I would get him some sort of genetic ancestor tracing-there's nothing that man loves more than collecting the 411 on the fam. I think they have that sort of genetic tracing now, right? I read about it in terms of African-Americans finding their roots. I'm not sure they offer the service to everybody, though, or just how exciting Dad's lineage would be, anyway. It would probably just show a bunch of Italian people, but who knows...we could get lucky. Hmm, best birthday gift ever: "Surprise, you're adopted!" Isn't there a lolcat for that?

In other news, the final day of my RAD training is looming (Thursday) and two policeman are going to try to beat me up! Eeeeeeee!

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For our regular cooking club meeting tonight, we made potato cheese bread and a kale/fake chorizo soup. It was a bit lackluster, unfortunately-kind of bland. The dessert wasn't bad- we had a spicecake with gingersnap molasses ice cream- but since that was all purchased from a store, we can't take too much credit for it.

We're working our way through Deep Space Nine- on every cooking club night we watch two more episodes. It's one of the most boring sci fi shows I've ever seen, but sometimes across the backdrop of mediocrity, certain scenes pop out and surprise me by pulling on my heartstrings. There was one tonight when Sisko and Gul Dukat were talking that was bittersweet. I like stories of two enemies starting to slowly come to appreciate and trust each other.

I'm looking forward to the arrival of [ profile] etiger4 and her partner tomorrow. I'm sure they'll walk me all over town and lead me to tasty burritos.

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Apr. 5th, 2010 08:45 pm

Spring is really sweet, but I think it makes me kind of crazy. I get so restless and demanding of EVERBODY'S attention. I'm exactly like a hungry, ferocious bear coming out of her cave and ready to sink her teeth into whatever unsuspecting human walks by. Nom, nom, mom. I need some way to channel this energy or I'm going to start tearing somebody to pieces just to get some excitement around here...and it better not be me.
I decided to wake up early to get to the gym by 6am. It's not exactly excitement, but it will do in a pinch.

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Nov. 8th, 2009 01:56 pm

Cute baby alert:



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