Juice fast

Mar. 14th, 2012 08:54 pm
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Did you folks see the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? If you did, you'll appreciate the fact that I'm juicing and will understand when I say I hope to be able to stay on it as long as Joe did. I've been on it for a week so far. I'm still figuring things out, and occasionally I find myself too hungry so I eat some, nuts or bananas or some clear broth vegetable soup, But I'm learning.

Hear are some notes from the last week, from emails to my friend Stass (I'll get the pictures in here later.)

March 8 -
"I'm doing it! First day done- nothing but juice all day! i told everyone and their mother about it at work. i have to set the stage for saying no to food gifts and invitations out to eat, etc. Not hungry at all. Had some stomach cramping and some allergy symptoms, though ( rash on my face). Luckily, I'm done with the honeydew and cantaloupe...I think that might have been the problem. Or maybe some pesticide. Probably should only buy organic. Oof, so expensive, though.

March 9 -
I feel great. I kept to my juicing tonight even though alex and brian were eating chinese food right next to me. And chocolate chip cookies! :)

Cooking club is tomorrow and i think i'll make an exception for that or everybody's feelings will get hurt. They are going to serve us "savory cakes". For dinner! Wonder what the effect of going from juicing right into eating THAT will be. This might be the last time i make this kind of exception. Maybe I'll arrived armed with juice and just do a tasting of the cakes.

Today i didn't have time to make enough juice so i supplemented it with two Naked juices from the convenience store. Also, two bananas. I'm trying to keep the calories over 1,000 and as close to 1200 as possible. It's hard because i'm never hungry. I love this about eating raw food, it shuts off most of my cravings and constant low level backgound false hunger. I really wasn't even that tempted by the chinese food.

My stomach cramps are mostly gone, even though i ate more spinach today. Don't know what that weirdness was yesterday. My rash is gone, too.

Weirdly, i seemed to lose 10 pounds in the first day, but I was wearing clothing both times and that is hard to get right. Still, lost at least 5. Went from 201 to 191, according to the wii.

They say the 2nd day is the worst, but today was easy for me. Maybe it will hit tomorrow. I had to go buy more vegetables today!"

March 10-
This one is a bit too lemony, but it's bearable. Next time i want to experiment with some garlic and cayenne- it almost tastes like gazpacho, but not quite there yet.

March 11-

This one is great:
6 carrots
4 apples
Small piece of ginger

(peel everything if it's not organic)

I went to cooking club last night and ate 9 savory mini muffins and a bowl of vegan roasted vegetable soup. It was all pretty delicious. Bri wrote up our blog post, but we need to get the pictures in there before it is posted. Then i'll send you a link. They apparently tease me a lot about the juice diet...haven't seen it yet. [link: http://deepspacesupper.blogspot.com/ ]

March 12-
Like my new glasses? I bought a bunch of these guys with tops to make the juice easy to transport. This one is a bok choy, celery, orange, apple, lime juice. Quite good and not sweet at all, which after 5 days is a good thing. I'm still going strong, although I do snack on bananas and nuts if I get too hungry. I heard that sort of thing is necessary for the first few weeks until I get more aware of exactly how much juice I need to drink to avoid hunger. Yesterday was bad. I was too lazy to get stuff ready in the morning so I bought 3 Naked drinks, instead. Those are not the same at all. I was a little faint-y yesterday at work which was not fun and then I had a regular fruit smoothie for dinner. That wasn't a good idea...I woke up this morning nauseous and tired after a night of bad sleep. One green drink this morning solved all my problems ( this is my 2nd one of the day here). I feel good again and I'm going to head into work after I finish 3 or 4 of these things

March 13-
I cracked tonight and had some lettuce sandwiches:hummous, red pepper, mushroom, red onion. It was delicious. I also had some lightly salted nuts...either the protein or the salt seemed to help. I was a little nauseous at trader joes tonight, but now i'm ok. Just tired. No fruit drink tonight. I think i'll be asleep before 9.

March 14-
Today, i made a butternut squash juice. You have to admit, that's pretty hardcore. :) Who knew you could get juice from a raw butternut squash? I mixed it with two apples and some cinamon, and it was really good. Then, for lunch, I had another simple juice: 8 carrots and some ginger.
I felt absolutely great til 5, when I got that faint-y feeling. Looking back, I realize now, I didn't have enough calories. I really need 4 16oz drinks before dinner time. I panicked again and ate about a half cup of (lightly salted) nuts and a cup of mediterranean chickpea salad (that I picked up from TJs for just these sorts of emergencies) and went to sleep for an hour and a half. I woke up feeling still kind of weak. Bri announced he was going out jogging, and he picked me up some kale and sweet potato soup from Whole Foods. Now, I'm feeling pretty good.

I am trying to do research on this weakness reaction to juice fasting. It seems like half the people say it is a normal thing and disappears in the first two weeks of a juice fast and the other half think it's a sign that I'm not getting enough nutrition and should seek medical care. I think I'm going to continue fasting but I'll eat fruits, nuts and vegetables occasionally when I feel I need it. A lot of people juice fast for breakfast and lunch and then eat a big salad or something similar for dinner. That seems to be what I am morphing into. The problem is, that gives rise to cravings and those are hard to fight day after day. I'm hoping after two weeks or so, I'll be able to just juice.

Anyway, I bought some cute mason jars with lids and now it's easy to measure my juices out. I know I need to pack 4 of them for work tomorrow. One nice thing is that since lunch is so easy now, I have lots of time to go for a walk. I'm looking forward to that tomorrow.

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