Oct. 21st, 2012

We had a cooking club tonight and it was my turn to plan. Everything went wrong: the quiche took a freakin hour and a half to cook, the cake took almost as long at a different temperature, I all of the sudden couldn't face the 'massaged kale salad I had planned out beforehand...,

In the end, though, everything was fine. We ate at 10pm, no one got angry, no scenes, tears or pulling of hair. Brian and I didn't fall into our usual nervous bickering. We were all pretty mellow and it stayed that way all night. My heart wasn't totally in it at the beginning, but it definitely was by the end.

We made: mushroom quiche, a kale stir fry and Romanian apple walnut cake.

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Oct. 21st, 2012 04:27 pm
Ever have that feeling, while you're listening to music, where you wish you could turn the radio on? Like one song is not enough, you want some more sonic noise with your sonic noise. My new colleague is trying to get me into death metal. It's unlikely, but who knows who I will be in a year after dealing with this guy in my office, 5 feet away, yammering at me day after day.... Yeesh. Heavy Metal Deb. Yeehaw.

Still, even Heavy Metal New Guy is an improvement on my old colleague. Actually, they're pretty similar, really. They both talk to themselves nonstop and interrupt me a million times right after I put on my headphones. I was hoping for a friendly new colleague before he showed up...maybe I should have been hoping for an antisocial one. Hmpft. An antisocial workaholic would really just hit the spot right now, we're so buried under work at work.   In fact, that's why I'm writing in this journal right now...I'm procrastinating working on our clinical database. At home. On a Sunday. Gee, why wouldn't I want to procrastinate?

Funny how in order to sink in the coding, I always have to let my rebellious brain thrash around for about two hours before it will settle down and cooperate. I'm almost there...I have actually logged on to my work computer now...it's only been 1 hour 15 minutes since I sat down to do this...

I was just looking up wiki articles about old Radiohead songs. You know, as one does. Did you know that they were sued for Creep? It was too similar to a Hollies song, apparently (they lost the lawsuit). They also rarely play it live anymore, sady; they are so sick of it, I guess. The last time they played it was in 2009, according to the probably incorrect authors of its wiki page. 

Man, I used to go around saying that I didn't like Radiohead. I can be such an idiot. That guy's voice is addictive.

-10 years behind the times Deb



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