Jan. 1st, 2012


Jan. 1st, 2012 10:38 am
Happy New Year to you folks. If it's true that whatever you do on New Year's Eve sets the stage for the next year, then I'm in trouble since I spent it watching zombies and documentaries about the apocalypse. It was great. Specifically, we watched 'Walking Dead' and 'The Age of Stupid'. The latter, I recommend to everybody... It's a fascinating look at the year 2055.

I wasn't completely antisocial, though. Our friends Heather and Elizabeth joined us and brought champagne. None of us can drink that stuff straight so we made mimosas and had a fun time watching scary shows and playing games and just catching up in general. Since H&S work as teachers, I don't get to see them very much during the school semester.  After the hectic traveling we did over Christmas,  I was delighted no one made me pretend to want to go out and do exciting things for New Year's.

The Age of Stupid documentary did make me want to do something to prevent the apocalypse, though. Did you know we only have until 2015 to reverse our carbon consumption? After that, it won't matter what we do-some huge earth processes will be put into motion and we have no way of stopping them. That's what they mean about the tipping point. The best line from the movie was something like: Why didn't they [humans alive now] prevent this from happening? Did they feel deep down inside that they weren't worth saving?

So I'm trying to brainstorm some ideas of thing I can do. Some possibilities...

Volunteer for the Green Party. (Obama signing the National Defense Authorization Act and all those Democrats voting for it makes me want to give up on the Democrats).
Go to Occupy Boston and get more involved in whatever they're doing lately. 
Figure out our carbon footprint and work to reduce it. (There is a campaign called 10:10 which aims to get everyone to reduce their carbon usage by 10%per year)
Sign up with Boston Organics and get their locally grown box of vegetables (I know from experience that means a lot of Jerusalem Artichokes in my future. Yuck)
Research and buy solar panels to run our computer and radiator off of...I've seen youtube videos on how to make your own. maybe that would be a better alternative.
Learn how to make my own windmill (not as hard as you'd expect, judging from videos..but it does require a lot of tools. Man, we really need to have good tool sharing resources in this city. Maybe they already exist.)
Be a real vegan and not a wannabe one.
Buy land and start homesteading from a yurt. :) Kind of unlikely, but it could happen, who knows? Of course then I'll most likelybe commuting from that land to my job. Right now we walk to work, so renting might be better for the Earth for us. Not so great for any hopes we have of retiring, though. Sigh)
Donate to the ACLU
Never take another g.d. plane trip again.



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